Social Responsibility

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1 A Clean Environment

It becomes Risland India responsibility to make sure that our customers, staff, workers are all in safe environment.

·Deep cleaning of sales gallery, removing overdue items. Removing daily garbage on time, overnight of garbage is not allowed.

·Keep ventilation of each rooms twice a day, and minimum 30 minutes per time.

·Washroom of sales gallery: soap with sterilization function is compulsive. setting guide board and remind messages in sales Gallery like, alright disinfected, 7 steps to wash hand. Pay attention to quality and character of remind board.

2 Care for Customers

1. The customers are treated with well equipped staff with masks and are asked to use hand sanitizers and wear masks at entrance.

3. Customers are given masks & handsanitizers at the entrance to avoid any contact with any type of virus. The sales galleries are properly sanitized twice a day with disinfectant as per the issued guidelines to make sure the area is clean and safe.

4. PM team is working under hygienic conditions and wearing masks all the time to serve the customers & staff better.

3 Employee Protection

1. Continually record temperature and track where abouts of each individuals. Reporting and requesting individuals to go to hospital once find anybody who is fever (physical body temperature above 37.3℃)

2. We are making sure that the employees get a safe environment to work together. Free masks are distributed to all employees.

3. Hand sanitizers are placed at multiple locations including entrance lobby, sales gallery, site office & sample apartments.

Employees are encouraged to stay at home if they are not feeling well and requested not to travel and not to go to crowded places during Holi celebrations.